matplotlib-0.54 Win98 crash

Hi John, I can confirm that 0.54.1a fixes the crashing

    > problem - thanks! However, I tested it with a few errorbar
    > plots and I noticed a few things. You've changed the
    > errorbar bar-ends to use markers, but the scaling is now
    > different and seems no longer to be settable via the capsize
    > parameter. The autoscaling no longer works either.

Doh! There was one major problem in that I had commented out the
return in maplotlib.matlab.errorbar during debugging. This explains
all your problems with working on the return lines. The body of that
function should be

    try: ret = gca().errorbar(x, y, yerr, xerr, fmt, ecolor, capsize)
    except ValueError, msg:
        msg = raise_msg_to_str(msg)
        return ret

I don't see any problems with the capsize or autoscaling. Perhaps
with this new code you can see if you are still having troubles and
post an example.

Sorry for the troubles,