matplotilb 2.2 prep


We are aiming to have a a 2.2.0rc1 around Jan 30. To that end please:

  - review and merge documentation PRs. Documentation changes can be
merged by the first reviewer with the criteria "is it better than it was?"
( )
- Tag any important issues or PRs you are aware of as 'release critical'
to ensure they get looked at.
- move any issues and PRs you don't think are critical to 2.2 and won't be
patched or reviewed in the next two-three weeks to the 3.0 milestone.

If you have a commit bit just make the changes, if not please leave
comments asking for the changes

This will be the last minor release to support python 2.7 and will be the
supported with (critical) bug fixes to 2020. The next release after 2.2
will be 3.0 targeted for ~July 2018. The only major API change will be
dropping python2 support and will otherwise be a normal feature release.

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