mathtext in SVG backend


The attached patches implement mathtext for SVG. The output looks pretty
good when viewed by Inkscape, but not the Adobe SVG viewer (it shows the
wrong symbols and then moments later crashes Mozilla, at least on my
system). It hasn't been thoroughly tested for all of the possible

I had to add a math_parse_s_ft2font_svg() to, which
basically does the same thing as math_parse_s_ft2font() but returns
something different. I tried to just modify the latter function to take
a "usingSVG=True" argument and ran into all sorts of bizarre problems,
probably associated with the caching, and gave up. Perhaps someone can
figure out how to do this more elegantly.

John, are there any more features still missing from the SVG backend?



diff_mathtext (3.49 KB)

diff_backend_svg (2.67 KB)