markerfacecolor, imshow

Hi there I just recently upgraded my copy of matplotlib to

    > 0.61 (from 0.54!) and have found a couple of my scripts no
    > longer working. It seems that, for plot(), the argument
    > markerfacecolor no longer takes a color triplet, but requires
    > a string ('w', 'k' etc). markerEDGEcolor is still happy to
    > take either form of color descriptor.

When you say, "no longer takes a color triplet" do you mean "causes an
error". I tried an example and got an exception. Simple fix: in
matplotlib/, at the top of the code import is_string_like from
matplotlib.cbook, ie,

from cbook import True, False, iterable, is_string_like

and at the end of the code, replace the _get_rgb_face method with

    def _get_rgb_face(self):
        if (self._markerfacecolor is None or
            (is_string_like(self._markerfacecolor) and
             self._markerfacecolor.lower()=='none') ): rgbFace = None
        else: rgbFace = colorConverter.to_rgb(self._markerfacecolor)
        return rgbFace

Thanks for letting me know,