markerfacecolor, imshow

Hi there

I just recently upgraded my copy of matplotlib to 0.61 (from 0.54!) and have found a couple of my scripts no longer working. It seems that, for plot(), the argument markerfacecolor no longer takes a color triplet, but requires a string ('w', 'k' etc). markerEDGEcolor is still happy to take either form of color descriptor.

On a different topic, imshow() only seems to display a single image at a time.
e.g. in the following example, when image2 is drawn image1 is deleted.


import matplotlib.matlab as mat
myImage = mat.imread('image1.png')
myImage2 = mat.imread('image2.png')
mat.imshow(myImage, extent=[0,1,0,1])
mat.imshow(myImage2, extent=[1,2,1,2])
mat.axis([0, 2, 0, 2])
Is that a known issue? Is there a workaround?

all the best,

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