mandrake linux gtk+2.0 prblem

Hi all, I am DESPERATE to use matplotlib on my linux

    > box...Here is the problem, according to my linux box,
    > Gtk+2.0 and the corresponding libgtk developer tools are
    > installed. However, when I try to configure pygtk2.0
    > (needed by matplotlib) I get an error saying that gtk+2.0
    > is not installed, (I also tried (foolishly) to run a
    > matplotlib example file with a gtk backgroud and got a
    > "gobject missing" error). Has anyone else had a problem
    > like this? Anyone know how to fix?

Hi Katrin,

I saw that you were already getting some good suggestions on the pygtk
list, which I also read. Those are the same things I would suggest
too: try an rpm, if not, make sure your pkgconfig for pygtk is updated

eg, what doed the following reveal?

  localhost:~> pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0

Even if your RPM installed them, if pkgconfig cannot find them, you'll
have install troubles. You can set the path pkgconfig uses to find
files, eg,

setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig

In this case, you want to make sure the file gtk+-2.0.pc is in your

But these are all fallback suggestions if the rpm doesn't work for
you. If you have more trouble, it will help also to provide the exact
compiler error.

Good luck. If you figure out what was going wrong and fix it, let me
know and I'll update the website docs.