making the space between ticks


I'm plotting a value for each day as bars, and another value for the same
exact time as a regular graph. The problem is that the bars overlap, so I
thought I could try to make the plot wider, to make more room, but I have
been unable to do so. I was thinking that if I increased the space between
ticks, that would solve the problem, but I've not found out how that is
done either. Can I control the space between the ticks?

I would be grateful for any hints into how I could solve this:)

My graph looks like this:

And my code looks like this:

And if it matters, the data is here:


Hi all,

I am wondering how I can get space in the axis label while using the Latex mode.

That is, when I use pylab.ylabel(r'$V [A^{3}]$') I don't get any space
in between V and [.

I also tried using the math mode spacing for Latex, So, if I try to do
pylab.ylabel(r'$V\;[A^{3}]$'), I only get V and not even A^3.

Any help is appreciated.