Making DreamPie work even better with matplotlib


I'm the author of DreamPie - a new graphical Python shell ( ).
I worked to make it work nicely with matplotlib, but I would like to
make it work even better.

Currently, if you import matplotlib in DreamPie and it is in
non-interactive mode, DreamPie suggests that you switch to interactive
mode. After you do that, everything works fine, because I made
DreamPie support handling events of Tkinter, GTK and QT when it's

I thought that it might be even nicer if DreamPie would automatically
switch matplotlib to interactive mode when it's detected, instead of
asking the user to find the right configuration file and edit it.

I asked people at matplotlib-users for their opinion, and Eric Firing
said that non-interactive mode is useful when running matplotlib
I looked at and saw
that ipython's pylab mode provides a run command that runs a script in
non-interactive mode.

I wonder: could such a function be added to the pylab module? Then I
think it would be fine if DreamPie automatically switched to
interactive mode. (I can write this function if you like)

Do you have any other suggestions on how to make DreamPie more
matplotlib-friendly? Do you think that after these changes DreamPie
can be recommended as a matplotlib-friendly shell?