mac osx 10.6 matplotlib installation error: "lipo: can't open input file: /var/tmp//*.out"

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Leslie Burnett

Pathways leading to the error message:

I obtained Matplotlib from the matplotlib home page download link to

a) mpkg/dmg installation 1.0.1-r0 fails with message "can't be installed on
this disk. matplotlib requires System Python 2.6 to install"

The mpkg/dmg installer requires python from, not Apple's
built-in python (despite the incorrect error message). The README that
is displayed by the installer does explain this, but it is easy to miss.

Note that the incorrect error message is a known bug in the software
that creates mpkg installers.

I suggest you use the binary installer because building from source is
rather a lot of work, due to the need to install dependencies.

-- Russell


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