Mac M1 install help

I tried installing using pip3 on my Macbook M1. The installation pulls the x86_64 wheel instead of the arm64 wheel. How can I force the arm64 install?

When I do a regular install, I keep getting the error message: (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have (x86_64), need (arm64e)))

Unfortunately, based on this information there is not much useful advice we can provide.

Where did you get Python from? I have a suspicion that you have a x86_64 version of Python on your M1 machine that is running due to rosetta (and I have just exhausted my actual understanding of the cross-compatibility of binaries on M1).

I also getting Python and Matplotlib from a coherent package manager (either brew or conda).

Python is not running via rosetta. I confirmed that it is the native ARM version running. Matplotlib was installed via pip and tried pip3 too. It keeps pulling the x86 version down.