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Note a small issue on the install of matplotlib-1.0.0 python 2.6 mac

The files in mpl-data/images were not installed with read permissions
for all.

This resulted in an error that _cidgcf was not a valid attribute in

This affected one 10.5 machine but not another --- we have no idea why.

     - Paul

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I produced these binaries and unfortunately ran into a number of
problems including:
- Incorrect file permissions (an odd bug in bdist_mpkg) subsequently
fixed with a new binary
- The binary was not compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4 for
reasons I still have not worked out.
- The Python 2.5 binary is not compatible with 3rd party Tkinter (which
is also true of the Python 2.5). I no longer make binaries
for Python 2.5 because of this.

I finally built binaries on Mac OS X 10.4 (fixing the file permissions
along the way) and these are available here:
they are not yet being served at the official site.

I have done some testing of TkAgg on 10.3.9 PPC, and 10.4-10.6 Intel,
but after all the problems I would appreciate any testing. The 2.6
version should become the official binary, but only after more

The 2.7 is quite experimental because I don't yet have any idea if WxAgg
works (it all depends on whether the wxPython installer for Mac Python
2.7 is compatible with the 32-bit version of Python 2.7).

-- Russell


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