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> You can't put a readme in the zip file?

I think he was referring to the egg as a zip, which it technically is but
setuptools extracts it for you.

I already find easy_install mysterious and unsettling and I guess you
can add this notational confusion to the list. Why not call a
"zipped egg" even if easy_install can handle it directly? But avoiding
the notational issue entirely, here's my take on it:

The file I downloaded was a .zip file. The obvious naive thing to do
with a zip file is to unzip it, especially if one is looking for

This yields a .egg file. It could yield a .egg file and a ReadMe file if
one was included in the zip file. easy_install can install a .egg file
so it's no harm to unzip the download.

Presumably one could include a ReadMe file into the in such a
way that easy_install would ignore it.

On the other hand, the web page that is the source of the download could
also have the ReadMe info, as you point out. Either is fine.

Personally I am not sold on easy_install. It's a clever idea and maybe
someday it'll live up to its promise, but right now it seems to have
some many undesirable behaviors (such as mysteriously and needlessly
downloading stuff).

For now I'd suggest that package installers (e.g. as created by
bdist_mpkg) be used for Mac because they are standard, are used by
simply double clicking (thus have no learning curve or need to install
anything), have ReadMe support build in, and do not mysteriously
download stuff.

-- Russell


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