M1 Mac not importing matplotlib

I am having trouble importing matplotlib on M1 mac, i currently have windows (insider arm64) installed in parallels, but i continue to get this error when importing matplotlib (pycharm) ‘ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _path: The specified module could not be found.’ I do have matplotlib installed. Does anyone have any idea on fixes?

I suspect something went wrong when installing Matplotlib how did you install it?

We do not currently provide arm wheels for windows so I assume you either got binaries from some third party (in which case you should go to them for support) or you installed from source.

In either case, the _path module is a compiled c(++) extension that provides fast-paths for some (graphics) path computations that is heavily used on the render side of Matplotlib. If it can not be found I suspect that something did not go correctly with the compliation. Can you please re-install and provide us with the build logs?

To my knowledge this is the first I have heard of someone trying to get Matplotlib working under a Windows VM on M1 hardware so this is going to be a learning experience for all of us :slight_smile: