low FPS on QtAgg backend ( mpl 1.4.2 )


I'm trying to see whether I can use MPL to create interactive widgets for
my robotics application. This way, I can synthesize a widget for
interaction & visualization which would be just really cool.

Thing though is that since this widget is interactive, getting a decent
FPS ( 30+ ) is key. I was thrilled to read this informative post on
MPL's impressive rendering performance [1] by Bastian Bechtold,
showing about 500 FPS, on the Qt4Agg backend.

Inspired by this good news and the great examples / video [2,3], I ran
Bastian's code. However, I could not replicate the fast performance
and running that code ( osx 10.10, anaconda with MPL 1.4.2 ) I'm getting
about 30 FPS.

That kind of puts my plans on hold for now.
How can I help to verify that this might be a performance regression?

Thanks for MPL!


[1] http://bastibe.de/2013-05-30-speeding-up-matplotlib.html
[2] https://vimeo.com/63260224
[3] https://github.com/jakevdp/matplotlib_pydata2013