load and comments #2


if I use comments and the last character in the file is not space or \n then
the last value is not returned by mlab.py's load method, due to a bug in the
comment stripping (index returns -1 if no comment is found).

If the for loop is changed to the following, it works again:

for i,line in enumerate(fh):
        if i<skiprows: continue
        commentIdx = line.find(comments) #
        if commentIdx!=-1: #
            line = line[:commentIdx].strip() #
        if not len(line): continue
        if usecols is not None:
            vals = line.split(delimiter)
            row = [converters.get(i,float)(vals[i]) for i in usecols]
            row = [converters.get(j,float)(val) for j,val in
        thisLen = len(row)

Lines ending with # are changed/added

Have fun,