linestyles patch - please review


I have attached a patch that addresses the following:

   plot accepts the linestyles arguments '-','--','-.',':' [+ some more]
and the Collection class accepts the
   linestyle arguments 'solid','dashed','dashdot','dotted'.

This patch allows to use both notations. A test script is attached too. So its possible to use
   plot(x,y, linestyle='--') # old (preferred) style
   plot(x,y, linestyle='dashed') # now also possible
and also
   contour(Z, linestyles='dotted') # old style
   contour(Z, linestyles=':') # now also possible
The latter case is probably more useful than the first, but both work.

Any comments ?


linestyles.patch (2.98 KB) (804 Bytes)