Line2D drawstyle

In the docs for Line2D, it says that the linestyle can be "any drawstyle in combination with a linestyle, e.g. 'steps--'." However, this doesn't seem to work in practice. I believe I have matplotlib 1.0.1 here:

In [2]: from matplotlib import lines

In [3]: line=lines.Line2D([0,1,2],[0,1,4], linestyle='steps--')

In [4]: line.get_drawstyle()
Out[4]: 'default'

In [5]: line.get_linestyle()
Out[5]: '--'

Note that if I specifically set the linestyle using set_linestyle, it appears to parse out the drawstyle:

In [11]: line.set_linestyle('steps--')

In [12]: line.get_drawstyle()
Out[12]: 'steps'

However, if I plot the line using the plot() command, the drawstyle is correctly set to 'steps'.

In [6]: from matplotlib import pyplot

In [7]: line2=pyplot.plot([0,1,2],[0,1,4], linestyle='steps--')

In [8]: line2
Out[8]: [<matplotlib.lines.Line2D object at 0x114fcb110>]

In [9]: line2[0].get_drawstyle()
Out[9]: 'steps'

In [10]: line2[0].get_linestyle()
Out[10]: '--'

Should Line2D parse out the drawstyle from the linestyle, or are the docs wrong about the Line2D linestyle parameters, or am I just misunderstanding something here?