Line clipping on subplot border mandatory?

Wonderful, thanks - that was far too easy to be thought of :slight_smile:


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>> Hello,
>> I would like to stack subplots in a figure with a couple of basic
>> x,y-line plots with the subplot frames removed.
>> But possible overlap of subplots is limited, because the drawn data
>> lines are clipped on the border, if you'd lets say manually reset the
>> ylims and decrease it below the highest data y-values.
>> I know it is possible with any kind of text or data annotation, but do
>> not find a way to let the data lines cross the frame border.

You can cross the Axes frame border by turning off clipping:

ll = plot([-1, 1])[0]
axis([0.1, 0.95, -1, 1])



On 05/30/2011 05:21 AM, Benjamin Root wrote:

> On Monday, May 30, 2011, Mondsuechtiger<el_lunatico@...361...> wrote:

>> I hope I made myself halfway clear - pls. don't hesitate to ask if not.
>> Does one of you possibly have a solution or is it maybe plain
>> impossible?
>> Thanks!
>> Cheers,
>> Nix

> Maybe you want to use matplotlib's spine feature? You are right that
> you can't plot outside the plotable region, but maybe you can emulate
> what you want by moving the axes lines into the plottable region.
> I hope that helps!
> Ben Root