legend outside of the plot

Hi, As far I understand this a plot is per default

    > covering the more or less whole space. Now, is it
    > possible to position a legend outside of a plot,
    > e.g. on the right of the plot. "legend" offers to
    > supply the loc-argument with a tuple to do that, but
    > that doesn't create more space and hence most legends
    > will appear truncated. The only solution I came up with
    > is to limit the plotting area (using "axes") and to
    > position the legend manually. Is there an alternative?

You have to do the layout yourself -- you can also use the
"subplots_adjust" to set the bottom, top, left, right, etc of the axes
which may be easier than using "axes" itself.

We could add some auto-layout capability as we do for the colorbar...