Legend Misunderstanding...

Hello NG,

    I am probably missing something here, so sorry for the possible stupid
question. I have tried to use axes legend to create a legend on my plot, but
this doesn't work very well if I have 2 y-axis (as in two_scales.py demo),
because the legend is created as:


And it doesn't see the properties plotted on the second axis. If I do:


I get 2 different legends, which I don't like very much. So I tried to use
figlegend, using MyFigure.legend(MyLines, MyLabel, Location), but I am
having 2 problems:

1) The use may decide to hide/show the legend as he/she wants, and for this
I am using legend.set_visible(), and it works almost smoothly;
2) I don't know how to update the legend as new plots are added to the
3) I don't know if there is a way to destroy a legend - completely delete it
from the figure.

Thank you very much for every hint.


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