legend fontsize in rc file

A while back I asked whether or not I could set the legend fontsize from the rc file and John asked me to make it possible. I think I have it working, but don't know how to check it in to CVS and need some one else to try it. I have made two changes to legend.py:
1. added from matplotlib import rcParams (added at line 29)
2. changed the default parameters to the __init__ method to read from the rc:
prop = FontProperties(size=rcParams['legend.fontsize']),
(change line 116)

I made one change to __init__.py. A default value needs to be added for legend.fontsize:
#legend properties
'legend.fontsize' : ['small',validate_fontsize],
(lines 645-646)

From there I added the following to my matplotlibrc file and it seems to work:
### Legend
legend.fontsize : 16
(lines 149-150)

Please let me know what else I need to do. I don't think I have access to upload stuff to sourceforge (nor am I sure I should be given that power).


matplotlibrc (10.3 KB)

init.py|attachment (32.9 KB)

legend.py (18.8 KB)