Legend bug?

Hi all, I was just trying to make some plots with

    > legends in them, by following the damped exponential
    > example from pages 17-18 in the PDF user's guide. My
    > results are strange looking: the legend box size is
    > completely wrong, and the on-screen version has the
    > markers outside the box. The generated png does put the
    > markers in the right place, though. I'm using the TkAgg
    > backend, all in ipython-pylab. I've put up two pngs on
    > the net for reference:

Hey Fernando,

The good news is that matplotlib legends really do not look that big
and stupid -- this is a CVS bug (0.71 works), eg

The bad news is I don't know how and where the error crept in. I'll
do some digging.

Thanks for letting me know!