Legend bug with patches?

Hi All,

I think I might have uncovered a bug in the legend code when using
multiple patches so that only the first patch type is used in the

In [41]: matplotlib.__version__
Out[41]: '0.87.5'

(that is revision 2782 from SVN)

Here is some code that shows the problem:


from pylab import *

binctrs = linspace(-4.0, 4.0, 15)
vals = randn(1000)
n1, bins1, p1 = hist(vals, binctrs, align='center')
n2, bins2, p2 = hist(vals[:300], binctrs, align='center')
setp(p1, 'facecolor', 'k', 'alpha', 0.2)
setp(p2, 'facecolor', 'g', 'alpha', 0.9)
legend((p1, p2), ("Frobs", "NewFrobs"))



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