latex with graphical backend and svg savefig


1. I want to report a possible issue (I don't want an account on
GitHub... Micro$hit): has

@ line 251:

         if rcParams['text.latex.unicode']:
             unicode_preamble = r"""
             unicode_preamble = ''

@ line 299:

             if rcParams['text.latex.unicode']:

Due to font conflicts in my system [1], I need
   \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage[QX]{fontenc}
(I tried with DejaVu Sans, without success). Adding it to the rcParams
in the text.latex.preamble does not help, because inputenc clashes
with that. In another computer, if I disable text.latex.unicode ,
Matplotlib tries to use ASCII, which creates an error.

I suggest that the first conditional is removed (since
text.latex.unicode is depreceated anyway), but I don't know how the
unicode characters are going to be handled once that depreciation
happens (second conditional). Again, I didn't get that issue (ASCII)
with Parabola.

2. I want a SVG and to be able to show the figure on screen (possibly
save it from the new window). How can I achieve that?

This [2] didn't work.

     ! Font TS1/cmr/m/it/16=tcti1728 at 17.28pt not loadable: Metric
(TFM) file not
     <to be read again>
     l.14 ...0000}{\rmfamily \textit{Velocity (?/sec)}

My failed attempt is below [3]

I tried to make this clear, but let me know if something needs
clarification. Thanks!

My system:
Parabola GNU/Linux
pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.18 (TeX Live 2017/Debian)
{'dirty': False, 'error': None, 'full-revisionid':
'682e5195fae83393a75c71e84d1434cc9ff255fb', 'version': '3.0.1'}
(installed with pip)


import matplotlib as mpl
from matplotlib import pyplot as pl
family = "DejaVu Sans"
serif, sans_serif, mono = [family] * 3
size = 14
labelsize = 12
legfontsize = 10
ticksize = 10
pgf_with_latex = { # setup matplotlib to use latex for output
     "text.usetex": True, # use LaTeX to write all text
     # "text.latex.unicode": True, #
     "": family,
     "font.serif": serif, # blank entries should cause plots
     "font.sans-serif": sans_serif, # to inherit fonts from the document
     "font.monospace": mono,
     # LaTeX default is 10pt font.
     "axes.labelsize": labelsize,
     "font.size": size,
     "legend.fontsize": legfontsize, # Make the legend/label fonts
     "xtick.labelsize": ticksize, # a little smaller
     "ytick.labelsize": ticksize,
     "text.latex.preamble": [
         # plots will be generated using this preamble
         # r"\usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}", # use utf8 fonts
         r"\usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage[QX]{fontenc}",


pl.plot([1e-6, 2e-6], label=r"?")



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