LaTeX <-> Unicode: YANAResource

Since this topic comes up every now and again, allow me to point out a resource I just happened upon:

On this page is a link to an XML file that is a very thorough database mapping Unicode code points (at least, ones that we care about) to their LaTeX representation. When the LaTeX representation requires a particular package or environment, these are provided. For example:

<char pos="840">
  <entity name="Kcy" set="iso-8879-cyr1">
   <desc>=capital KA, Cyrillic</desc>
  <unicode value="041A">
   <seq req="cyracc,amsfonts" env="cyr">K</seq>
   <seq req="fontenc:T2A">\CYRK</seq>

This is the mapping to end all mappings. It evens comes with convenient PDF references.


Robert Kern

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