Latex text rendering

I am using Latex for text rendering in some matplotlib plots and I would like to use the Times rather than the Computer Modern fonts. I would also like to be able to edit the saved plot files with Adobe Illustrator when they are saved. The “Text rendering With LaTeX” web page ( says that to produce postscript text so that in can be edited in Adobe Illustrator I should set ps.usedistiller to xpdf in the rcparams. This I have done, but I get an error message “name ‘xpdf’ is not defined” when I run the program. Can anyone help?

I am running this on a MacBook Pro under OSX 10.6. I am using the the Enthought 6.3 distribution (which includes matplotlib 1.0). xpdf is installed on my machine and works.

Here is the code where I set the rc params

from matplotlib import rcParams
fig_width = 5.8 # width in inches
fig_height = 3.0 # height in inches
fig_size = (fig_width, fig_height)
params = {‘backend’: ‘Agg’,
‘axes.labelsize’: 9,
‘axes.titlesize’: 9,
‘legend.fontsize’: 9,
‘xtick.labelsize’: 6,
‘ytick.labelsize’: 6,
‘figure.figsize’: fig_size,
‘savefig.dpi’ : 600,
‘ps.usedistiller’ : xpdf,
‘text.usetex’ : True,
‘’: ‘sans-serif’,
‘font.serif’ : [‘Times’],
‘axes.linewidth’ : 0.5,
‘xtick.major.size’ : 2,
‘ytick.major.size’ : 2,
‘font.size’ : 9}

Thanks to anyone who can help

David Pine