LaTeX Mathdesign Fonts patch?


by putting

rc('text', usetex=True)

in my plot source I was trying to get a consistent fontface, but it doesn't
I know since preamble is not officially supported in matplotlib I didn't
really expect it to work so easily.

But because Bitstream Charter is officially supported and selectable for
normal text, I was wondering why the font package is not loaded with
mathdesign? Is it possible to load the mathdesign package somewhere


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Can you provide more details of what you tried and "how" it does not
work. For example, an exception is raised? or code runs without any
error but the result is not correct?

With my simple test, all things seem fine. I didn't carefully check if
the output has a correct font selected, but at least the font was
different from the default cm font.

However, I noticed that the agg backend does not account the latex
preamble while caching the tex output, so changing preamble after a
text is cached (after some figure is drawn) does not work.




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but it doesn't