latex in ps via psfrag

On a related subject, tex layout via text.usetex does not

    > appear to be working at the moment. I tried undoing my
    > changes but was not able to get the old results back. Did
    > I break this or did I catch it in transition?

This is totally experimental and will break all backends except agg --
I will handle this more elegantly once I figure out how I want to do
it, but right now am trying to fix low level problems like getting the
alpha channel right (am working with dvipng author for the next dvipng
release to get proper access to alpha channel) and then to handle
rotation. Once all of that is working I can work out the interface so
that it plays nicely with other backend.

With the revision I just checked into CVS, you should get TeX rasters
in agg if you set usetex (they will look crappy because of the alpha
problem). But I'm optimistic that I can clear up all these problems
in a couple of weeks time. If you get psfrag in decent shape, we'll
be in good shape for a TeX enabled 0.81 release...

    > The horizontal placement appears to be fixed in CVS. I
    > haven't gone searching for trouble in the vertical layout
    > yet.

Unless you fixed it, I would be surprised...