large postscript files

Hi, The following plot

    >>>> from numarray import * x = arange(80000) from pylab import
    >>>> plot,show plot(x,x) show()

    > and saving in postscript format generated a file of 1.5MB,
    > while the equivalent is only 288KB in xmgrace (another
    > plotting program). If I use plot(x,x,"k,"), this even leads
    > to a horrible 8.0MB. How come? I understand there is an
    > issue with the fonts, but this can't be the only
    > responsible, can it? Plotting no points, just a title, and
    > saving in postscript leads to a file size of only 133KB.

    > FWIW, I'm trying to make postscript plots using Python
    > 2.4.1, latest numarray, and matplotlib 0.83.2.

matplotlib embeds the truetype fonts directly into the postscript
file, so what you see on the screen is what you get in the ps file.
This is a feature and not a bug :-). The file size ocst is fixed and
does not grow with plot size. If you find these largish PS files
unpalatable, you can use native postscript fonts by setting

ps.useafm : True # use of afm fonts, results in small files

in your matplotlibrc file --