Japanese Windows win32 API / _winreg / font_manager.py bug workaround

To make a long story short, _winreg is failing to deal

    > with some Japanese font registry keys, and throwing the
    > WindowsError (ErrNo 234). A good workaround is to add a
    > "try / except WindowsError: pass" around the
    > _winreg.EnumValue() stanza inside the for loop. From my
    > testing, for a system with 93 fonts, this should skip the
    > 3 troublesome fonts and catalog the rest.

    > My apologies that I cannot provide a patch or a simple
    > test case at this time, but I hope this report is useful.

Hi Matthew -- thanks for your efforts on this. I have to honestly say
that I don't have a lot of time to work on this bug -- I don't know
enough about Japanese fonts or the windows registry. None of the
other matplotlib developers seem to have taken up the banner either.
If you can provide a patch that fixes or works around the bug, I'd be
very happy to include it. I could work figure out the appropriate
patch by reading your email closely, but I don't have a good
environment to test it, so it would be more efficient if you simply
submitted a patch that has your try/except workaround until we can
come up with something better.