issues with yahoo historical data & candlestick drawing in

Hi all,

I apologize in advance if these issues have already been addressed. I did a
search of the mailing lists and did not find them discussed but I may have
missed them.

I had some trouble getting the historical quotes data from yahoo to work,
apparently because yahoo changed the format of the dates in their output files
- once I changed the date format string in it worked fine.

Also the color of the candlestick shadow line that shows the day's range was
hard-coded to be black. Because it didn't show up on my charts with black
backgrounds, I changed the code to make the shadow match the color of the
candle's real body.

I am attaching a diff of my, which on my Debian Etch system came in
a package that says its version is 0.87.7-0.3.

Please keep in mind that I do not intend the code I am attaching to be a
comprehensive fix, just a simple kludge. I am totally new both to matplotlib
and to python and I have only done as much kludge-ing as was necessary to get
the code to do what I needed it to do right now. I will leave doing things the
right way, to people already more familiar with the language and the code.

Michael (214 Bytes)


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