iregular data set


I am plotting two lines and am using two
plots, the two lines plots just fine in different colors, however, one line is
continuous from 1983 – 1995 and the other dataset has irregular data
points along the same period of time. So I should see a continuous line for
the first data set and I should see a broken line only where there is data for
the second. Matplotlib is joining the broken points and forces both datasets
to appear as continuous.

What do you think is the solution?




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iregular data set

Hi, I’m also new to
matplotlib, but this sounds like a general type of problem you might in find in
matlab too. I think you are trying to plot two separate lines, one for
the first set of time and one for the second set of time. If you
don’t want them connected then you must issue two plot() commands, which
means you have to split the data into the sections that you want connected.


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iregular data set

I have a question (new user here): I
have datasets of irregular time spaced data and am having a problem with
Matplot lib.

I am plotting two datasets: one is
continuous time series data (simple line chart) and the other irregular time
series data.

The problem I have is: MatPlotLib is
interpolating data for the irregular data where there is no data.

So if I have data from 1985 –
1989 then no data for 1990 – 1994, matplotlib is drawing a line
connecting the missing data.

How does one plot irregular spaced
time series data?



p.s.: if this is the wrong forum,
could you let me know where to post?