IPython interactivity gone with 0.80?

  I just upgraded to 0.80 from 0.73.1 on a Fedora Core 3 machine. I am (and
have been) using ipython 0.6.13 as my shell. After the upgrade, plots from
scripts are no longer interactive - I need an explicit call to pylab.show()
to show the plots.

Do I need to update some settings? I am using the GTKAgg backend with all
default parameters (no user-specific .matplotlibrc) and I compiled matplotlib
from sources. Here is a simple script that no longer updates 100 times but
just shows once:

import scipy
import matplotlib
from matplotlib import pylab
for x in scipy.arange(100):

From the ipython prompt, I issued the command
   run scriptAbove.py
where ipython was invoked as follows:
   ipython -pylab -p scipy

Is this an ipython issue or a matplotlib issue? Any help greatly appreciated.