[IPython-dev] [patch] IPython.set_trace() implemented

Note: Cross-posting on IPy devel and Matplotlib-users list.


My 8 hours sleep have helped me solve the riddle of IPython pylab entry from a regular Python script. Although it is funky and experimental, it works just as I have been seeking it to work for months :slight_smile:

Here take a look at this piece of code:

(Again, the following lines must be modified in /IPython/Shell.py to start with pylab each time a request is made for IPython instantiation. To me a line can be added into ipy_user_config such as always_pylab =True )

 #user_opts = set([s.replace('-','') for s in argv[:3]])

user_opts = set([‘pylab’])

#!/usr/bin/env python

#import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
#import numpy as np
import IPython

ipy = IPython.Shell.start(user_ns=locals())

a = arange(10) ###<-- I am in IPython -pylab at this point no need for np.arange

plot(a) ###<-- or plt.plot(a)


Later, when I drop into the IPy shell I can go ahead and manipulate my figure appropriately. Now whos() works also :slight_smile: