Ipython and python2.5

Alan G Isaac <aisaac@...83...> writes:

So I installed PyWin32 as above, and PyReadline. I do NOT
see IPython in my Start Menu nor when I look at
Install/Uninstall programs. I do see an IPython folder in
Lib/site-packages, so I guessed I should call Shell.py, but
this is either a bad guess or IPython is failing: I briefly
see a shell labelled IPython flash on screen and disappear.

I installed my version from svn and to get the start menu folders etc.
I had to run the win32_manual_post_install.py script.

The problem with Ipython immediately closing can be because your default
home directory isn't writable. To fix this set the environment variable
HOME (control panel:system - Advanced Tab) to be some directory you have
write access to e.g. C:\

Also either one or both of the following dlls need to be in your
windows:system32 directory.

If you don't have them I believe they can be found on the net.