ipython (0.10.1) -wthread and -pylab bug in ubuntu natty

Apologies for cross-posting - if you are not using ubuntu, don't read ahead.

  If you are using ipython combined with '-wthread' (for mayavi's mlab) or
'-pylab' (for matplotlib), there is currently a bug in Ubunty 11.04 (natty)
with ipython 0.10.1, which prevents the correct thread handling:
  e.g. with mayavi's mlab, it is necessary to use 'show()' to interact with
the window, which is not very practical (and is blocking). And for '-pylab',
the GTK and wx (Aggg) backend do not work...

  The bug is known and already corrected in ipython 0.10.2:

  So the remaining issue is to get the new version as an update in ubuntu
11.04/natty !
=> this is why I'm writing this email, so that other people concerned can vote
for the bug and, if maintainers read this, if they can push this as stable-
release-update (SRU)...

  The bug to vote for is @:

  Incidentally, it is easy to install ipython 0.10.2 'manually', as it is
already available for ubuntu oneiric (11.10):

wget http://launchpadlibrarian.net/70857487/ipython_0.10.2-1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i ipython_0.10.2-1_all.deb



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