Invitation to AI Code-In


We are posting to invite Matplotlib to become a mentor organisation in our inaugural AI Code-In contest! If there are any Matplotlib developers who are willing to mentor students in contributing to Matplotlib, please do reply/reach out!

We are a team of students from Hong Kong, who launched this initiative (inspired by GCI, which was sadly discontinued) to enhance the AI literacy of middle & high school students around the world. We sincerely invite Matplotlib to join as one of the mentoring organisations! This will be a 7 weeks long (Sep 10 - Oct 26) contest, where students complete tasks created by organisations (e.g. good first time issues) on GitHub. At the end of the contest, organisations will nominate 1 winner & runner-up to receive an academic scholarship (amount dependent on funding). We target AI-related organisations, such as organisations whose library is essential in Computer Vision: Matplotlib.

At the moment, we have confirmed our 1st mentoring organisation (and 3 sponsors): The Julia Programming Language (FluxML & SciML)!

It would be an incredible honour if Matplotlib joined!

Here is our website for more details:
And here is the organisation signup link:

Thanks for your time and thanks for maintaining Matplotlib!

Ching Lam
AI Code-In

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