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Back to the subject at hand. Using PNG files works but brings with it
other problems and so I would really appreciate a resolution to this
"invalidrestore" issue. I can't use PDF because I have to embedd the
plots in a Word document. Not sure what SVG is (I'll look it up).

In my (admittedly limited) experience Word handles pdf files much
better than eps files. I just tried (in MS Word 2004 for Mac) Insert /
Picture / From File and selected a file produced by Matplotlib's pdf
backend, and Word seems to embed it just fine. (I can't test printing
right now, though.)


Jouni K. Sepp�nen

An "invalidrestore" error signals an improper restore.
E.g., a string, dictionary, or procedure is left on the
stack that needs to be discarded before restore.
Probably a dictionary with no 'end'.

Two obvious possibilities:

- there is an invalid restore. This should be fixed.
- something is wrong with the Word interpreter (quite
  possible given its history, but perhaps surprising
  for this particular problem)

Does GhostScript report the same error?

Alan Isaac