Thanks for the answer, John.

Up to this point, the other software package we use produces EPS files only and so I've been using it this way for a while. May not be the best way but I've tried other EPS viewers and so far Word actually is the best way since I have to embedd the plots into Word reports.

Back to the subject at hand. Using PNG files works but brings with it other problems and so I would really appreciate a resolution to this "invalidrestore" issue. I can't use PDF because I have to embedd the plots in a Word document. Not sure what SVG is (I'll look it up).



Using PS/EPS in Word or any office product is a pretty
unusual combination. My experience is that they are not
supported s well as other image formats. Will PNG work for
you? That is what I usually use for Office. You may also
consider PDF or SVG if you need vector graphics.


John Henry