Thanks for pointing that out, Eric.

I try that and it did turn my plot 90 degree. The bad news is that GSview imports it upside down and if I want to view the plot on the screen, I have to rotate it downside up first. (Hey, I shouldn't complain. At least I can print without wasting a piece of paper for each plot).

So, looks like it's true that something MPL did to the eps file is causing Word to spit out that error page. I wish I know what it is.

The problem of not finding out is that I need to send these plots to clients. I don't want to require that they have an .eps viewer in order to see my plots...



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> I installed gsview and gscript and tried it. The good
news is that when I print from inside gsview, the error page
is gone. The bad news is that the oritentation is wrong. My
plot is designed for landscape. From word, I set the page
setup to landscape, import the picture, and print. But with
gsview, it imports my plot 90 degree wrong. Changing
orientation flips the whole page 90 degree but the plot gets
rotated as well and so it still prints wrong.
> I guess I have no choice but to regress step by step and
see which MPL
> feature aggrevated this condition.

Did you try saving the figure using the orientation kwarg? This is
intended for postscript output.


from pylab import figure, show, close
fig = figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
ax.plot([0,1], [0,1])
fig.savefig('', orientation='landscape')


John Henry