interpolated pcolor image

John Hunter wrote:

    >>>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Kristukat <ckkart@...341...>
    >>>>>>> writes:
    > Hi, interpolation seems not to be supported for pcolor
    > plots. Is that true? I want to plot nonaequidistant
    > gridded data, so imshow is not the right choice. Using
    > contourf with a large number of contour levels works
    > fine but the eps output is huge. I'd prefer to have the
    > image embedded as bitmap in an eps, that's why I'd like
    > to use pcolor. Regards, Christian
    >> Nicholas Young contributed a patch which supports a
    >> NonUniformImage Make sure you have the most recent CVS, eg

    > Thank you, that is what I looked for. However it is
    > not possible to save ps/eps files with the current cvs
    > matplotlib. It looks like some indention problems in
    > around line 240.

Yep, try updating from CVS again. I just fixed this

Checking in lib/matplotlib/backends/;
new revision: 1.72; previous revision: 1.71

or later.