Intermittent Matplotlib crash on OS X

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>>Matplotlib occasionally crashes Python at the end of a long program on
>>my powerbook g4 running OS X 10.4. gdb output follows:


It's Python 2.5, and the new Matplotlib 0.9 built from source. I saw the
same problem with Python 2.4.3 and Matplotlib 0.8.(can't remember),
which was part of the reason I upgraded. However, I didn't look at the
problem with gdb using the earlier versions.

Could you please try the matplotlib 0.90.0 binary for Python 2.5 from
<> and let us know if that also has the

Also, could this be a memory leak? You may want to watch Activity
Monitor or top while running your program.

If you do still have problems it might help to know a few more things
- which Python 2.5? (MacPython? fink? ActiveState?...)
- which back end and which numerix (and have you tried any other

If that solves the problem then you may want to review instructions for
building matplotlib for MacOS X, e.g.:

-- Russell


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