Interactivity with the mouse

Jean-Baptiste> Hi ! The more I look at matplotlib, the more nice
    Jean-Baptiste> feature I find. However there are more that I
    Jean-Baptiste> haven't found yet, eventhough they might be
    Jean-Baptiste> implemented. I would like to have a little more
    Jean-Baptiste> interactivity with the plot itself. By this I do
    Jean-Baptiste> not mean the interactivity with the python shell,
    Jean-Baptiste> but with the mouse: - Double click on the
    Jean-Baptiste> legend/axes/label allow it modification - Single
    Jean-Baptiste> Click on a drawn line give the properties of the
    Jean-Baptiste> function and/or location - In short, being able to
    Jean-Baptiste> treat elements of the figure as widgets - I reckon
    Jean-Baptiste> the whole figure is a DrawingArea and that might
    Jean-Baptiste> not be straight forward

    Jean-Baptiste> Of course just having a signal sent with the
    Jean-Baptiste> propoerties of the curves would be good enough

    Jean-Baptiste> Are more people interested in that ?

It's not something I need in my own work, but I think it would be a
good addition to matplotlib and I'd be happy to include it. To that
end, I wrote some demo code to get you started! I implemented an
object picker (currently only for tick labels and lines but this can
easily be extended to include the other elements of the figure).

I also wrote the start of a line properties dialog. It should be
straight forward to extend to incorporate the other line properties,
(markeredgecolor, etc...) and then to do the same for a text
properties dialog, etc....

I needed to add a few things to matplotlib to make this easier, so
you'll need to grab the snapshot at

and see the file examples/

Good luck!
John Hunter