installing under linux when pygtk-1.2 also present, etc

I have things like fontconfig installed in /usr/local, so

    > had to add /usr/local to the path (explaining the sed).

I think it is sensible to add /usr/local before /usr in the search
path - not sure why I didn't do it before.

    > I also have both pygtk1.2 (0.6.11) and pygtk2.2 (2.2.0),
    > including the header files. Since pygtk1.2 installs its
    > header files in /usr/local/include/pygtk, and pygtk2.2 in
    > /usr/local/include/pygtk-2.0, adding
    > /usr/local/include/pygtk-2.0 to the include path and then
    > including pygtk seems to pick up the pygtk1.2 header files
    > rather than the pygtk subdirectory of
    > /usr/local/include/pygtk-2.0 (explaining the mv's).

This surprises me, because pkg-config is supposed to handle this since
we explicitly ask for pygtk-2. Not sure how to handle this -
hopefully not too many folks have such an old pygtk installed!

    > Lastly, I needed to explicitly inform python distutils
    > that it is compiling c++ (explaining the CC=g++
    > environment variable).

Also surprising since distutils is supposed to detect the extension
and pick the right compiler. What version of python and gcc are you
using? Does it help to rename all the src/*.cpp files to *.cxx?
You'll have to edit if you test this.

Thanks for the detailed notes,