Installing the debian package

Thanks for that, it worked just fine on a standard breezy

    > install. How closely does your repo track CVS? If I see an
    > email saying "fixed in cvs", how long should I expect it to
    > take for a new package to be available? Not that it
    > particularly matters, I'm just curious.

I don't have a policy -- I tend to update the repo on an "as needed"
basis, where as-needed means one of the apps I deploy at work needs
the latest-greatest features or bug-fixes. I have recently started
naming CVS versions with tags like


If you need a feature from CVS and it is not yet in the repo, you can
always email me and I can update. It takes just a minute or two to
update the repo.

I just did this and ticked the version num to 0.84.cvs.3, which is
current with CVS as of 30 seconds ago.

So feel free to update one more time.