installing matplotlib on mac os X with the *.dmg file

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Felix Patzelt

The dmg you are referring to appears to install to
(The main library, not the one for in our user directory). Most likely, this
directory is not in pythons search path. python installs into /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework
and its main site-packages directory is the line listed above.

That is where *all* packages get installed by default (e.g. by distutils
or pip).

I suspect the original poster has a conflict with another version of
python or another package management system such as homebrew. You can
verify which python is running using "which python" (it should be
/usr/local/bin/python, which is a symlink to a binary in
or the actual binary itself, depending on your $PATH.

One can test matplotlib using:
python -c "import matplotlib as m ; m.test(verbosity=1)"

If that works then I suspect ipython is misinstalled.

-- Russell


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