Installation of Python/mpl/numpy/scipy/Ipython for students

A question was posted a week or so ago on the scipy list about installing
Python/mpl/numpy/scipy/Ipython by David Arnold (both Windows and Mac). He was interested in a simple install for students (and others that are less computer-savy). We had a little off-list correspondence, but thought to bring it back to the list, also posting on mpl (cause I read that list and it seems pretty responsive) and the numpy Google discussion group (they respond VERY quickly).

On the scipy list it was suggested to use Sage reply, but that sounds like a little overkill to me.

I have used the enthought package on windows successfully in class in
the past, but I understand that they have now switched to eggs, which

is not convenient (yet).

I also don’t like all the other things I have to set myself. A switch
on the IDLE GUI to get mpl to work interactively (which is now seems impossible to do), and setting my PYTHONPATH with environment variables. It is all easy to do, but not for students, especially students without much knowledge of how computers work let alone access to set these variables and options.

At one point I was reading about making a superpack (or a name like
that) installation for Python with our favorite packages as mentioned above. I am not sure where that is going.

Are others dreaming about such a superpack? What needs to be done to get it going?