Input data types and pure


when matplotlib processes variables, it makes sure to handle masked
variables ( by converting them using "soft " So, when a subclass instance of is used as
a variable, it keeps properties and methods in this operation that can
be conflicting with future processing.

An example of problematic input variable can be cdms variable (from
CDAT - Such a variable is like a with
axes (like time, longitude, latitude, etc) and attributes (like
missing value, name, units). A problem for example is that it cannot
handle "newaxis" slicings (var[:,newaxis]) that matplotlib uses to be
sure that a variable has a suitable rank. In addition, other
properties of cdms variable ares not interesting for matplotlib

Therefore, it may be useful to strictly convert input variables to
pure using something like,copy=0).
Is it feasible?


Stephane Raynaud