Inconsistent markeredge behavior

While trying to plot filled-circle markers without stroked edges, I believe
I've uncovered inconsistent behavior when markeredgewidth = 0. The attached
script creates a series of plots with 'o' markers; the plots are created
with and without connecting lines and with markeredgewidth alternating
between zero and nonzero values. In the PNG output (from the WxAgg
backend), when markeredgewidth = 0, the circles are unstroked and have the
desired size, which is what I expected. In the EPS output, however, when
markeredgewidth = 0, both the width and color seem to be inherited from
their prior values when linestyle = 'None' and from the line's attributes
when linestyle = '-'. In the PDF output, when markeredgewidth = 0, the
markers have hairline edges. My matplotlib version is 0.98.3, rev. 6281.

I worked around the issue by setting markeredgewidth to a small nonzero
value and markeredgecolor to match the marker face.

Does anyone see how to make the behavior consistent across these output

Thank you, developers, for an extensive and capable package. (1.12 KB)


markeredges.eps (26.2 KB)

markeredges.pdf (19.3 KB)