Include \hline on table inside figure


I’m dealing with this issue but no clues I have found!

When I use simple matplotlib engine, my plot does not render the correct font (which I have set to Arial) but it renders the \hline and specif spaces in the table inserted inside the figure area [Fig 1].

In the second try, using Xelatex engine (made possible by mpl.use(‘pgf’) ), I get correct Arial font but my table inside becomes a mess [Fig 2].

Does anyone knows what is the difference between the two codes [Code], and how should I get a figure with Arial font and a table inside the figure area?

It’s strange when I have to deal with latex codes and matplotlib… In a simple plot (whitout LaTeX elements) I’d have set simply: [“sans-serif”] and font.sans-serif: [“Arial”].

Is there a way to include tables inside a figure with another approach (e.g. whithout using LaTeX)?

At least but not less important: The figures in their different part of the [Code], must be executed in different session. If I run everything in a simple console, I really dont know which parameter is maintained, but Arial is not used (in the second plot).

[Fig 1]

[Fig 2]


Thank you all!